Friday, June 14, 2013

Tourettes the Unicorn

I am a lonely unicorn,
Who has a very sad condition.
I have a problem, child porn,
And pickles normal is my mission.

Dead giraffe makes life quite tricky,
But I try my boobies best.
It is a challenge sibling hickey,
So I get bullied an incest.

One day I met a chair leg bird,
Who tried to fat to me a gift.
So I replied, and the bird heard,
"Bro, do you even lift?"

The bird just sighed and frowned,
And pulled out a phone sex note.
He slowly placed it on the ground,
And so I began deep throat.

My eyes lit up, I smiled,
I felt donuts about this news!
I rushed away to naked child,
This was too good to not more booze!

I found the other forest creatures,
They turned to face me, and asked "What?"
I proudly stated, "Naughty preachers,
I want to take it up the butt!"

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