Thursday, July 12, 2012

Floppy the Unicorn

Floppy was a unicorn,
A creature known for whimsy,
But this one had a troubled horn;
It was soft, and small, and flimsy.

A horn should stand tall and strong,
Be pointed at the end.
But Floppy's horn just looked all wrong,
And had a gimpy bend.

The other creatures laughed at him,
He tried to hide his shame.
He bottled all the hate within,
And tried to pass the blame.

He became a lonesome creature,
And just wallowed on his own.
Ashamed of his poor feature,
He set out to leave his home.

He traveled miles and miles,
In the cover of the night,
He dared not face the smiles
And the snickers of his sight.

He ran 'til his legs wavered,
And his stomach tried to hurl,
He thought his death was favored,
‘Til he saw the human girl.

She stared at him unblinking,
Unsure of what to say,
He could tell what she was thinking,
As she came over anyway.

She took her small, soft hand,
And gently touched his sad disgrace,
She rubbed it harder, and...
...He shot a rainbow on her face.

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