Thursday, July 12, 2012

Presto the Unicorn

Once there was a unicorn,
Presto was his name.
He had no magic in his horn,
Which was a disappointing shame.

For magic was his passion,
It left his jaw agape.
It also was his fashion,
With his top hat and his cape.

One day he saw a magic man,
Do magic just for fun.
Presto asked, "Please, sir, can
You show me how it's done?"

"Of course!" the old man said,
His eyes glimmered like a fox.
With a quick nod of his head,
Appeared a girl inside a box.

Her head and feet were showing,
Her toes curled and wiggled.
Her golden hair was flowing,
As she smiled and she giggled.

He said to her "Don't move!"
As he pulled out a giant axe.
He aimed it at a groove,
And cautioned, "Just relax."

The resulting scene was tragic;
With a slightly evil laugh,
Instead of using magic,
He just cut the girl in half.

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